There is a lot of information out there, that is factual and correct, and reveals a lot of corruption and misinterpretation, but what can you do with it? On the one hand, just knowing it and dwelling on it merely serves to make you disheartened, discouraged and robs you of hope (speaking of Hope, see video below). There is little that can be done about it, be it the powers at high levels of government, medical fields, education, media etc.  

It is important for us to be informed about current events and do some research about the facts behind any story or headline that we read. We do not want to make the mistake of becoming mind-numbed zombies. Unfortunately, it appears we are long past the days of being able to count on any journalism being done. This makes it very difficult to know who to believe anymore.

This is the best we can do, unless you are in, or desire to pursue a more influential role in political positions.

  1. Get up and get ready for the day.
  2. Make it a great day as much as it is in your power.
  3. Keep a good attitude.
  4. Influence others around you with positive steps to take on the day.
  5. Do the right thing every day to be productive.
  6. Vote for people that do have influence that are most closely aligned with your beliefs. Do not expect them to have it all, just “most”.

Go and make it a great day!!