Be unafraid when facing conflict.

This morning when I turned on the local news network, they again continue to espouse the programming of the listeners by making statements such as;

  • President Elect, Joe Biden
  • The Trump campaign continues to file lawsuits despite there being no evidence of fraud.

I know the local networks are just puppets, repeating what they are told, but really? Why is it that no one in what we call the mainstream media can look at anything logically and factually? It continues to offend and frustrate the common folk like myself. Who is sending out the edict to propagate this misinformation and what is their motivation? What do they have to gain?

First, it is grossly inappropriate to refer to VP Joe Biden as President Elect when there remains so many issues surrounding the vote count. While I do care who is actually declared the winner of the election, this is not my complaint. If we can adequately count all of, and only the legal votes, we will accept the result, regardless of the winner and move on. It must be everyone’s highest priority right now to protect the sanctity of the election and ensure that the rightful winner is rightly declared the winner. Failure to do so will mean that we declare a winner and there will always be questions of the validity of their position which will weaken their authority, and bog them down for the next four years with a constant barrage of questions, investigations, legal and political attacks. Have we not all suffered enough already for the past four years with constant attacks of vitriol, false accusations, offenses, motivated purely by the blatant hatred by the opposition to the leader of our country? If this current election is not settled properly, then the same will continue, but this time it will be because there are many REAL questions to ask and put us at risk of having to recall the election and presidency. This disastrous potential would be devastating to our economy, culture and faith in the sanctity of our democratic republic resulting in chaos.

As Benjamin Franklin was walking out of Independence Hall after the Constitutional Convention in 1787, someone shouted out, “Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarchy?” To which Franklin responded  “A republic, if you can keep it.” We are on a precipice.

I fear we are fast approaching a time of a great shift in our country that may go too far. There has already been, over the past 25 years a great degradation of our respect for authority, leadership and principles of integrity. I personally trace the degradation back to the Clinton era surrounding the Lewinsky issue and all that entailed. Each and every passing month brings with it news of yet another scandal among our elected officials whom we have put in position to protect and to serve the people of our country and our country’s constitution. We have now past the point of being surprised by it and have embraced the fact that they are all corrupt. Any voice that stands up for integrity and righteousness is quickly attacked, trivialized, dismissed and removed from position. We are in danger of moving into an era of mass anarchy. There are always small factions of anarchists, but we are in danger of pushing the masses to throw off the chains of a corrupt and oppressive government much like happened on December 16, 1773.

Second, the media continues to say there is no evidence of fraud. They are the ones that need to be journalists. This is their job. This is why they exist. The following list took me all of 5 minutes to assemble, yet so called journalists continue to parrot “no evidence”.

  • Norimine (2020)                VA          In Fairfax County, a “clerical error” caused Biden votes to be inflated by roughly 100,000.
  • Lafurgey (2020) MI          Antrim county was initially reported as going to Biden. This was so implausible that votes were recounted and it actually went to trump. The initial miscount was due to “human error”.
  • Payne (2020)      MI          Democrat absentee votes in Oakland county were counted twice. Once correct, the result of the local election flipped for the republican.
  • Solomon (2020) MI          A city worker from Detroit claims he and fellow employees were told to back-date ballots that came in too late.
  • Constantino et al. (2020)               MI          Poll watcher and former assistant state AG Zachary Larsen filed an affidavit stating he had seen voter fraud being committed by election workers.
  • Dinan (2020)       PA          “A Pennsylvania mail carrier has said in a sworn affidavit that he was ordered by supervisors to collect and submit late ballots, which he said supervisors then backdated so that they appeared to have been mailed in time.”
  • Larsen (2020)     NV          “I personally witnessed disregard of signature verification as well as other irregularities,” the whistleblower said in the affidavit. “While working, I observed a significant number of signatures on mail-in ballots I believe did not match the name and should have been reviewed. When I asked the supervisors, [redacted] and others, about it, instead of taking the ballots to verify the signature in the electronic database, the supervisor told me to push the envelope through without verification.”
  • Singman (2020) AZ           Based on sworn testimony, it is alleged that ballots in Maricopa county featuring “over-voting” were invalidated rather than fixed
  • Heller (2020)      PA          Election observers were kept 30 feet from the actual vote counting, meaning they could not see the ballots.
  • Payne (2020)      WI          Election officials tracked down witness addresses for absentee ballots, a policy that may be illegal.
  • Payne (2020)      WI          Only the state legislature can change election procedures, but election officials allowed potentially over 100,000 voters to bypass ID requirements by claiming that COVID prevented them from leaving home.
  • Mills (2020)         PA          Democrat election leaders told county officials to give party operatives information about rejected mail ballots in violation of state law.
  • 69 people recorded as being born before 1900 requested (and most returned) ballots of which 80% were registered democrats and 16% of which were registered republicans, meaning this isn’t well explained by random birth day entry errors. This can all be seen using data published on the PA government’s web domain (, 2020).
  • One individual was charged with 134 counts of voter fraud this past weekend after submitting faulty voter registration applications.
  • If there is no evidence, what are they investigating? Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger issued a lengthy statement after Senators Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and David Perdue (R-GA) called for his resignation. Raffensperger stated that his administration is investigating all known allegations of voter fraud.
  • Gwinnett County is the same location a whistleblower claimed had ballot machines used that were missing security seals.
  • One county in Michigan that used Dominion software mistakenly awarded a majority of votes to Democratic candidate Joe Biden that were intended for President Donald Trump. 47 other counties in Michigan use the same software.
  • 28 states use Dominion software, including major swing states in this election: Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia.
  • It is widely known that Canada in general despises President Trump, as does Colorado. Is it a coincidence there are problems with it? Dominion Voting Systems is a company from Toronto, Canada, that has headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and is one of three major firms providing voting machines in U.S. elections.

It is imperative that we go through this process to ensure we have had a fare election and put the right person(s) in office. If we fail now, we will pay the price for the decades that follow.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1.

Let us not lose hope. Let us continue to first humble ourselves. Let us stand strong for our core beliefs. Let us offer respect and dignity and freedom for all man.

Captain Blaze

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  1. Factual and logical article asking for clarity in a very important election. Would that the msm, repubs and especially the demokkkrats would address these concerns!

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